Teaching kids how to talk to themselves

We covered the importance of why how we speak to students matter in this post, but even more important than that is what students are saying to themselves. If we as educators and parents can teach students how to change their self-talk we will equip them with skills they can use for the rest of their …

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How we speak to students matters

How we speak to students matters… I remember when I first became a teacher the best piece of advice I received was to love and respect the kids for who they are and it would be easier to teach them. I can’t remember who gave me such sage advice, but I am so thankful that …

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How can we best support students?

How can we best support students? This is a question teachers, parents and administrators are constantly asking themselves. Is is academic support they need? Is it more time to play outside? Is it more support from home? Is it consistency? Is it collaborative learning teams? Is is better behavior or classroom management? Is it routines …

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