It’s August and the teachers are all dreaming of Back to School. Dreaming is actually one of THE most important things you as a teacher can do to prepare for this new school year! {This post is written with a focus on teachers, but parents, you will find value in learning how to dream about the upcoming year also.}

Day-dream with me for a moment if you will. I want you to dream about what would the perfect school year look like for you?

What type of classroom environment will you have? Respectful, creative, cooperative, helpful, risk-taking, explorative, kind, positive…

How will you teach? Lectures, small groups, mini-lessons, workstations/centers/rotations, a combination of all…

What type of teacher will you be? Patient, kind, caring, positive, empowering, motivating, mentoring, loving, respectful, responsible, happy…

In order to start the year off on the right path, we must first look at the end we desire. This is something many teachers miss out on. We all want the year to be fantastic and maybe we have dreams of it being the perfect year with the perfect class. But the problem is, most of us do not take the time to do anything with that dream. In order for that dream to become a reality we must turn it into a crystal clear vision. 

We need to be able to see it in real living color. As I used to say to my kindergarteners, we must “make a movie in your mind”. I’m asking you to do the same thing, I’m asking you to make a movie in your mind of your upcoming school year. 

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Take a moment to really dream about the classroom environment, students relationships, lessons and what kind of teacher you will be by the end of this year. Dream about how you will work with your team and your staff. Dream about how your class will interact with each other. Dream about how each day will start and end. Dream about how your class will work. Dream about how they will progress (personally, socially, and academically). Dream about how you plan lessons (are you excited about planning engaging lessons or do you dread planning?). Dream about how organized you will be. Dream about how all the parents will love you and work together in harmony with you as a team. Dream about how peaceful and fulfilled you will feel. Think about it all! Open your mind to really dream about how you want your year to look if you were truly the creator.

Don’t allow reality to settle in here, this is your dream world that you are creating. You can create it to be anything you want. Nothing is out of reach for your dreams. Don’t limit yourself here, because if you limit your dreams, you limit your potential. You are the creator!

If you limit your dreams, you limit your potential. – Tori Steinman

At this point, you are probably super excited about the school year. You are looking forward to it with positive expectations. Hold on to that dream, maybe, just maybe even write some of it down. Now that you are pumped, you are in the right mindset for this next, super important part. 

Now I’m asking you to think about all the things that could possibly happen while continuing to hold on to the positive expectations that you dreamt about a moment ago. Think about every detail, even the nitty-gritty ones like what will happen when it doesn’t all go according to plan. Think about when snow days will wreck your schedule. Think about that special student who moves into your class after the school year has started. Think about the parents who think their kid is the only one in your class. Think about the students who need you most but act the worst. Think about if your team is not all on the same page on something. Think about your staff meetings and relationships. Think about your personal life and any set-backs that may arise. 

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you in this place. I want you to think about these things because I want you to make sure you have responses to as many of these obstacles as possible so that they will not be able to prevent you from reaching your vision! When you see any obstacle as a stepping stone rather than a road block, you will be on the path to great success! 

By taking the time to think and dream about what you want your school year to look like, and by planning for the obstacles, you will be equipped to bring your vision to life. Your school year can and will be as great as you can imagine! Hold on to your vision and make it your reality! 

Welcome back to a brand new school year full of endless possibilities! I’d love to hear your dreams for this new school year, take a moment to share in the comments below.

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