It’s back to school time! Teachers everywhere are either winding down their summer vacation, beginning personal development days, or starting their first few days with the kiddos. No matter what phase you are in, there are some back to school basics you need to implement in order to have a successful classroom community this school year. 

There are 5 back to school basics for a successful classroom community. When you have incorporated these 5 basics into your classroom you and your students will enjoy a much more connected, meaningful year together.

  1. Boundaries – this is a word that often comes with many negative connotations, but the reality is healthy boundaries are necessary for all of us to survive and thrive. Boundaries in the classroom present themselves as positive classroom expectations and a positive classroom management plan. This first basic is crucial to a successful classroom community because everyone needs to know clearly what is expected of them. Many of you terrific teachers already have a great plan in place for expectations and behavior management, but if you don’t, please spend some time figuring out a plan that fits for you. 
  2. Habits – these are routines or behaviors that are repeatedly regularly. There are good and bad habits, just think about food/drink habits. Classroom habits are the daily schedule, routines, transitions, and lessons. If you don’t take the time at the beginning of the year to establish good habits for these areas in your class the students will be sure to develop their own. And, you may not like the habits they create on their own. Habits are listed as #2 in this basics list because habits so easily begin to occur  subconsciously. If bad habits are allowed to develop it will be harder to break them, so it’s better to start off with the habits you want. 
  3. Affirmations – if you aren’t aware of the importance of affirmations, check out this post to learn more. We all receive messages all day long that program how we think about ourselves. It is our job to make sure those messages are positive, encouraging, and up lifting. Affirmations can help students reframe how they think about situations, subjects, relationships, or themselves. It’s not hard to incorporate affirmations in your classroom and the benefits will be worth the small sacrifice of time. 
  4. Mindfulness – so much research is coming out on the importance of mindfulness on brain development. The skill of quieting the mind and being able to focus will help students, and teachers, be more thoughtful and productive. Starting the day with a short mindfulness session will help your students regulate emotions and increase their ability to focus. 
  5. Goal Setting – many of us teachers are great at setting academic goals for our students, but do we give the students the chance to set their own goals? To be successful in life, one must be able to set a goal in order to achieve it. By teaching your students how to set goals and then helping them break down their goal into small, easier to accomplish steps, you will equip them with a skill they will continue to use for the rest of their life. Empowering students to set academic goals also ensures that they are invested in their learning. 

If this list overwhelms you, please don’t stress! You don’t need to jump off the diving board and begin drowning in yet another new idea! I am here to walk you through planning, introducing and implementing each of these 5 basics in your own classroom while making them fit your personality and teaching style. This is not an overhaul, this is a supplement to the great things I am sure you are already doing to ensure that this year is your best school year yet!

If all this sounds great, but you’re not quite sure how to bring it all into your classroom, I’m here to help! I’ll be diving into each one of the 5 Back to School Basics in my email series B2S Basics for a Successful Classroom Community. Sign up below to receive an email from me for 5 days. Each day we will focus on one of the 5 basics to unpack what it is, why it is important, and most importantly give you a few simple steps to implement in your classroom this year without stress! At the end of the 5 days you will have the blueprint for building a successful classroom community this year! I am so excited for you to join us in creating your best school year yet!

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